Arenal Training Camps Trophy

Club Náutic Arenal holds the annual Arenal Training Camps Trophy which will be held from 9th to 12th March 2017. This regatta complements and gives an incentive to all the teams which use our installations as a base for training.

It is a perfect opportunity to carry out a trial run before the start of the season’s regattas. Basically, it is a regatta to train with the main objective of offering the teams and coaches an unbeatable opportunity to evaluate progress and compare performance against the other participants.

The rules of the competition allow the coaches to enter in the regatta field at any point to exchange suggestions with their sailors. Materials are allowed to be tested and changed, without informing the Regattas Committee. Also, those who prefer, can participate in just some of the trials, signing up even if the competition has already started.

There is no entry fee for the regatta for the teams training in the ATC programme (20 € per boat for non Arenal Training Camps competitors). Competitors get a T-shirt f and complimentary food & drinks after the races. Prizes are awarded to the top classified in each Class.

Arenal Training Camps Trophy online entries